The act of not reading or announcing the Rules of Auction in their entirety prior to the commencement of the auction should in no way be construed as an omission or admission that the Rules of Auction are not applicable.

The act of registering for the auction, signing the bidders' participation form and participation in the auction by any bidder shall be taken as confirmation that the bidder has read, understood, and accepts to be bound by the Rules of Auction.

All registered buyers are to pay R7000 refundable deposit before taking part in any auction. Unsuccessful buyers will have their deposits refunded 10 working days after the auction.

All purchases are subject to 5% buyer`s premium plus 15% vat on the total amount, unless otherwise stated. 

A R2750 ex vat administration fee will be charged for each vehicle purchased

EFT’s (electronic payments) would be the preferred method of payment

Please note that only EFT payments are accepted.  

GO Auctions does not accept hard cash as a deposit kindly deposit the money into our bank account and return with a deposit slip

All persons/companies who purchase vehicles on auction are obliged under law to comply with financial intelligence centre act, 2001 (FICA).

Please bring the original FICA documents when collecting or sending for collection. 

All persons, by virtue of taking part in any of our auctions, agree that Go Auctions may independently verify their identification and address documents through secure and approved third party systems.

Please note that any hard cash deposited into Go Auctions bank account will attract a 2% cash handling levy. 

No cash payments permitted on site.

Please note – Go Auctions cannot release any vehicles until full payment has been made thereof and the monies is reflecting in Go Auctions bank account

All payments to be made by within 24 hours after the auction has concluded 

Go Auctions does not sell vehicles subject to finance. Please note buyers deposits will be forfeited should the bidders finance be declined for whatsoever reason

All vehicles purchased to be collected within three days following the auction.

Vehicles are sold according to year of first registration stated on the natis document and not the year of manufacture. 

No cancellations are permitted on account of paper delays, Go Auctions will endeavour to retrieve the natis documents as quickly as possible however there may be delays from time to time

It is the buyer`s obligation to register all purchased vehicles immediately, Go Auctions will not be liable to pay any penalties for late registration

Please note Go Auctions may accommodate telephone bids, mandated bids as well as online bids subject to written permission/registration from the intended bidder

Only registered buyers are permitted to bid on an auction. 

Buyers are obliged to pay for their entire invoice

Each and every lot will be sold as is, where is, with no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. All information regarding the lots in the catalogue are statements of opinion only and shall never imply any guarantees as to the correctness of any information supplied either verbally or in writing about any lot. The buyer is responsible for checking the goods and in making a bid shall be deemed to have made himself fully acquainted with the goods for which he bids.

Please make sure that you completely understand the code status of the vehicles sold , i.e. sap vin numbers and code 3, 3a or code 4 as well as repair and return , should you not understand kindly ask one of our friendly staff members .

No documents will be given for any vehicles that are sold as code 4/3A

All goods are sold without any warranties whatsoever and the vehicle suppliers and Go auctions are not liable to discharge the duty of repair on vehicles.

No cancellations of purchases are permitted.

The right of admission to an auction is reserved. All persons, including buyers, enter the auction venue at their own risk or register and participate in an online auction at the auctioneer’s discretion. The auctioneer, the seller, their agents and employees shall not be liable for any injuries, damages or losses of any nature whatsoever arising from any person’s attendance and/or participation in the auction. All persons together with their heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, hereby release the auctioneer, the seller, their agents and their employees and hold them harmless from any duty of care towards them and all claims which may otherwise have accrued to them whether or not any such claim arise through the negligence of any person or from any of the risks, dangers or hazards occurring in the course of their association with the auctioneer and the seller


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